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How to Compare Fake Michael Kors Outlet Purses to Real Purses

Thousands of women and men pay top dollar to flaunt the latest offerings of Michael Kors Outlet Online their favorite designers. Designer handbags can run anywhere from several hundred dollars to over $100,000, but many counterfeit copies of these bags are on the market. Noa Glouberman of Hilary# Cheap Michael Kors says, "According to the International Chamber of Commerce, counterfeiting makes up five to seven percent of global trade, or $450 to $500 billion." Arming yourself with the knowledge to distinguish the genuine article from a counterfeit can prevent you from becoming a scam victim.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Spot a Fake Vera Bradley PurseDifference Between Real & Fake Coach PursesThings You'll NeedPictures of fake and real designer handbagsShow MoreInstructions 1Examine the materials the purse is made of. A genuine designer handbag will use only the finest materials, such as top grade, thick, supple leather and genuine brass hardware. Many fake purses are made with inferior quality leather that feels thin and somewhat brittle to the touch. It does not hold its shape well when items are placed in the bag.Fake leather, although often very realistic looking, will usually have a somewhat shiny and plastic-like appearance and tends to look stiffer than real animal skins. Additionally, upon close inspection and comparison, the grain of the leather will lack the depth and unique character of real animal skins. A very good way to tell if leather is real or fake is to smell the bag. If the bag does not have a distinctive leather smell, it's not real.2Inspect and compare the logo of the designer on the outside as well as the inside of the handbag. A logo that doesn't look quite right (such as a stamped on logo instead of imprinted) is a good indication that the bag isn't genuine. Also check the shape of any imprinted designer name or logo. If the shape of the font is not exactly the same the authentic font, steer clear of the bag.Designer handbags will usually have some kind of serial number sewn into or stamped onto the bag. Check the serial number against the serial number of an identical authentic handbag. If the serial number is not the same it is most likely a fake purse.3Compare any monogramming on the bag to an article you know is genuine. Slight differences in color, impression, placement or shape of the monogram are a telltale sign of an impostor purse. The monogramming should be symmetrical and will line up at the seams because genuine designer handbags are cut from one large piece of leather.4Carefully inspect the stitching on the handbag. The bag should be stitched with high quality thread. It should be evenly stitched and there are usually a certain number of stitches per inch.5Inspect the overall construction of the purse. The craftsmanship should be outstanding and the overall design balanced. Designer handbags are constructed to last for years with normal wear and tear. That's one of the reasons they're so expensive.Tips & WarningsThe best place to purchase an authentic bag is at the designer's retail store.Be wary of online sellers of designer handbags. Some counterfeit purses are made so well that you really can't tell the difference.If the price of a handbag sounds a little too good to be true (unless it's well used), there's a good chance that it's a counterfeit  Michael Kors Outlet bag.