How to Compare a Michael Kors Outlet Online Fake Michael Kors Handbag to a Real One

Since luxury brands are expensive, there are Michael Kors Outlet Online some who take advantage of cost and try to sell fake bags that appear more affordable. While some consumers buy a fake bag because they don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the real thing, there are others who think they are purchasing the real thing for a deal. When shopping for a Michael Kors bag, look for certain key details to determine if the bag is real or fake.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Tell the Difference Between a Real and Fake Michael Kors BagHow to Spot a Fake Michael KorsInstructions 1Purchase the bag at a reputable retail store. High-end retail stores are authorized sellers of the bag, which will ensure you are buying the real thing.2Look for a serial number sewn along the inside seam. Michael Kors gives each bag a serial number and counterfeit bags do not incorporate such details.3Analyze the bag materials. An authentic Michael Kors bag is made of canvas, but the details like piping and handles are light cowhide leather with red edges. Authentic bags use yellow stitching. Fake bags may be faux leather and canvas, which will look and feel slightly like plastic. After use, the authentic leather will age and turn to a deep brown. Knock-off bags will never change color, since the leather is fake.4Look at the color of the piping and handle leather. If they are different color leather, it is fake. Authentic Michael Kors bags have identical quality and colored cowhide leather.5Check the price. If your bag is less than $300, you are buying a fake bag. There are never any deals on authentic Michael Kors bags, as fake dealers try to claim.6Look over the entire bag to see if the monogram is uneven or crooked. With a fake Michael Kors, the monogram may be crooked or sewn into the bag seams. An authentic bag never sews, creases or places detailing over an "LV" monogram.7Check the zipper pull and snaps for a monogram on the heavy, brass hardware. Fake bags may also feature the "LV" monogram, but not on authentic brass material. Check the stitching around the zipper and buckles; if it is not straight, your bag is not authentic Michael Kors Outlet.